Saturday, February 6, 2016

The symptoms and other random thoughts

As I mentioned in a previous post, I've done some* research on pregnancy over the past few months because I basically just knew generalities.

(*Okay, by "some," I mean too much. I've learned through this process that while it can be helpful to read/hear some challenges and setbacks so I'm not totally unnerved by certain symptoms or possible "events" during pregnancy, it can also be bad to think on the outliers/extremes too much because it causes anxiety. A little bit of research; a lot of leaving Baby B's health and mine in God's hands.)

Each woman has her own story of symptoms, events, and thoughts during her pregnancy. I thought I'd share a few of mine so far in this journey.
  • Napping is a REAL THING as an adult. I crave sleep in the middle of the day. Perhaps this is God's way of teaching my body to fill up on short-ish bits of sleep for when Baby B is here and I don't get a full night's sleep for awhile. Is there a way to bank all the hours of napping as a reserve for the future?
    NOTE: I've heard from numerous moms that the answer is NO.
  • They're not joking when they say you'll have to pee more often - especially at night. Seriously. At even 5 1/2 months into the pregnancy, I was up pretty consistently at night every two hours to use the restroom. There was a night early on where I was up seven times. SEVEN times. Perhaps this is God's way of preparing me to get up every few hours for feeding Baby B...
  • Yes, I'm more clumsy. And forgetful. Moreso than usual, anyways.
  • I've experienced more strange things in my abdomen than ever before. A little bit of cramping, round ligament pain (sometimes pretty sharp), and now I have the joy of feeling sweet Baby B dancing/kickboxing/punching inside of me. It's the most amazing thing. There is no question this precious life is inside of me when I feel the movement. Sometimes I think he is rock climbing or something, especially when I feel him moving on both sides of my stomach simultaneously.

  • Oh, my aching calves. I bet you thought I'd say something about sciatic or back pain. Well, I've already got that from before Baby B was formed, so I'm more in tune with additional pain. My calves started aching around 18 weeks, and my physical therapist said this is because of my growing belly and shifting center of gravity. I see lots of calf stretches for the duration of this pregnancy!
  • Eating well is so important for mama and baby! Jacob is the protein king, and I've been taking lessons from him. You can read tons of guidelines (and *mandates*) for what to eat during pregnancy (and of course what not to eat, like my favorite deli sandwiches and goat cheese :( ). I got overwhelmed with looking at infographics of what to eat. Seriously, if I lived each day by those infographics, I'd be at the grocery store and spend about 4-5 hours cooking or meal-prepping everyday.

    Here are some of my go-to's:

    • Eggs (scrambled, hard boiled, microwaved)
    • Roasted veggies (broccoli with Tony's and cheese is a great way to get greens, calcium, and a little kick!; zucchini with Tony's is delicious, too, although a bit more spicy)
    • Plain Greek yogurt mixed with cinnamon (I know, it's got a bite to it, but the cinnamon helps, and I know the protein and calcium are good for me and Baby B.)
    • Wheat/fiber toast with nut butters (almond butter and natural peanut butter are my favorites)
    • Chicken in all forms and fashions (crockpot, soup, salad, etc.)
    • Apples (primarily Pink Ladies)
    • Oatmeal (cooked and dry)
    • Shelled pumpkin seeds (Sprouts is the place to be)
    • Salmon (in moderation; foil wrapped and baked with olive oil, salt, and pepper)
    • Banana smoothies with whey protein (Jacob buys the Gold Standard whey in Rocky Road, and it is so yummy with bananas and re-frozen to the consistency of ice cream)
    • Quest bars (high protein, low sugar, dense, yummy, convenient! Oh, and you can find them at Bed Bath & Beyond and get a box for 20% off!)

  • A little discomfort sleeping. Now that I'm in the third trimester, Little Mister is poking out enough to make even sleeping on my side uncomfortable at times, even with pillows. The weight of my bump sometimes pulls on my ribs on the side I'm not sleeping on, and it can be pretty achy. The heating pad is my friend.

Well, enough talk of symptoms and such. I take each one in stride because I know it is for a much greater purpose: Baby B! I would do anything for this child. I can't wait to see his precious little face in a few weeks!