Friday, March 20, 2015

How to Handle Hungry on a Honeymoon

Okay, let's face it: cruises = (lots of) good food.

Jacob planned a fantastic honeymoon experience for us, and we ate WELL. I thought it would be fun to highlight some of the fantastic meals we ate and list out our favorites for future...well...mouth-watering viewing pleasure.

(All collages described from left to right, top to bottom.)
Shrimp cocktail - we had so much of this!
Herb-roasted chicken on a cheesy polenta
Shrimp and scallops on a bed of risotto with veal jus
Lemon sherbet and mixed berries with an almond crisp

Shrimp cocktail (as I mentioned...)
Steak and onion rings
Grilled sea bass (it melted in my mouth)
Oreo cheesecake (Jacob is a cheesecake connoisseur, and while this was an "ok" cheesecake, it did not top the charts) 

Smoked salmon with brioche (I have avoided "smoked salmon" because it is usually thinly sliced and looks like sushi, which is a no-no for my palate, but this stuff was FANTASTIC! I think we both had it two days in a row.)
Salmon frittata (can you say yummy?!)
Egg whites with sauteed egg whites and potatoes
Shrimp cocktail (uh huh...)

Who doesn't like a hibachi grill? The menus had a top portion with origami instructions. I'd like to introduce you to our seahorse and whale. 
Jacob is the master of all things origami. I cheered him on.

Okay, so THIS was fun!
Mount Rice
Impaled Egg
Sizzling Meats
Fixing Fried Rice

Green tea ice cream and pastries
Steamed mahi mahi with mushrooms
Banana pancakes...for DESSERT

Okay, so this is kind of a summary of our favorite fish dishes.

And a summary of some favorite desserts 
(the new pictures include a pineapple crisp and ice cream with papaya goodness on top).

And you might as well try duck on a cruise, right? And those roasted apples were delicious!
Chocolate/caramel ooey-gooey goodness
Crab cakes

Quail? Why not?
More succulent, smoked salmon
Vanilla ice cream/berry/nut goodness. The crisp is actually like an ice cream cone but in a wafer shape.
Chocolate souffle (Unfortunately, it was not the best souffle ever. Jacob had never tried one, and I thought this would be a good time, but it was dry and not high quality chocolate. Guess we'll have to try again!)

First experience with dim sum!
The hot and sour soup was fantastic. I swapped my fried rice for a second bowl.

Maple glazed salmon and ratatouille (first time trying ratatouille and now cannot wait to try my hand at fixing it!)
Cedar plank halibut with shrimp...and butter yumminess on the side...
Raspberry cheesecake (This one got not only Jacob's stamp of approval but won the 
Best Cheesecake of the Honeymoon award.)
Mixed berries and sugar cookie wafers with powdered sugar snow

There you go, my friends. Oh, pardon've got a drop of drool on your chin...

(And just for fun, when checking spelling on this post, Google suggested "tadpole" for "polenta.")


  1. I can't believe you ate ALL of that and you're still beautifully thin! How long was your honeymoon??

    1. We went to the gym everyday! Jacob and I really connect in terms of faith, family, fitness, and food.
      A slight disclaimer to the pictures is that they incorporate food that we both ate at different times, so I didn't actually eat ALL of that!

      The honeymoon was two weeks. We were so grateful for the opportunity to take that kind of time away from the office - our bosses were supportive and very generous to allow it.