Friday, June 21, 2013

He knows me like...

Psalm 139 tells me that God knows everything about me. He knows all of the intimate details of my life and who I am. In a world where you get jobs because of who you know or you're judged by who you know or you rate yourself by how many people you "know" on Facebook, I think we all would say that at the end of the day, we want to be truly known. To be known and to be loved because and even though we are known.

The lyrics to an incredible song called "Known" with Psalm 139 at its heart have painted such indelible pictures in my mind of how God knows me. The song is full of analogies and sometimes we really need analogies to grasp heavenly things.

There are a number of analogies in the Bible that use earthly relationships to help us understand our relationship with God. Here are a few:

He knows me like...

When I think of how I know Him, my thoughts can hardly be put into words because I know my knowledge of Him will never be complete this side of Heaven. I am constantly learning about Him and getting to know Him better.

I know Him like...
  • a bluebird knows the sky (it flies through the sky every day and yet is always seeing something new or flying a different path; it has limitless room to explore the infinite reaches of the sky)
  • a child at the symphony (she knows the melody but has much to learn before she can understand how the harmonies weave together to form a masterpiece)


  • an angelfish knows the sea (it swims through the depths of the ocean its whole life but faces open water and endless routes to travel)
He knows me completely, and I have a lifetime to get to know Him. May it be an everyday pursuit. An intentional pursuit. A wholehearted pursuit. To know my Creator...

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