Saturday, June 1, 2013

My sister, my friend

I have the privilege of sharing a deep friendship with my sister, Angela. It's one of those relationships that confuses people these days. Growing up, we didn't fight like so many sisters do. Being four years apart, we each had our own interests and commitments.

(However, I always wanted to be just like Angela in so many ways. Beyond wanting to follow in her physical, academic, and social footsteps, I even asked "Santa" for glasses and braces one Christmas just so I could be more like her!)

In our school years, we wrote notes to each other on notebook paper with gel pens (you know, the ones where you were cooler the more colors you owned?) I always wished I could figure out how to fold them like she did!

We made up nicknames for boys we had crushes on and made whole days out of shopping at the mall with Mom. We also both played softball and other sports, and Dad was right there with each of us as a formal or informal coach.

Throughout the early years, we got along very well as sisters, and as we moved into high school and college and started to walk different paths of interest (she excelled in drill team, and I pursued music), that is when we really became true friends.

Life started to throw new curves at us, and our conversations evolved from crushes, high school drama, and which college we wanted to attend to our faith, careers, and thoughts of marriage someday.

After college, we did the most logical thing for two single sister-friends: We got an apartment together. It made perfect sense for us. That was five and a half years ago, and I've loved every minute!

Angela is my confidante, my advisor, my encourager, and my listening ear. She laughs with me, prays with me, and cries with me. She comes to my concerts; I go to her movies. We've read the whole Bible together, and we've watched all three seasons of "Downton Abbey" (more than once!). We compromise, we learn, and we grow. We face the future with the assurance of our faith in God and our bond of friendship.

Each year, we celebrate our own special Sister's Day on June 1. Today consisted of time celebrating our friendship, and a delicious meal at Zoe's Kitchen:

                                                                 Chicken Kabobs

                                                                 Chicken Pita Pizza

Will life change our current situation? Yes, someday things will change - our living arrangements, our careers, etc. But I know that our love for each other as sisters and friends will never change, and for that, I am eternally grateful!

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