Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Off on another adventure!


Final destination: Edinburgh, Scotland

My flight left at 4:55pm, and I was so ready for this trip! I'd settled things at work (as much as anyone can these days when you feel a need to be connected 24/7), packed my bags, and anticipated both adventure and a time to recharge and reflect.

The first leg of the flight was nine hours. I filled the time by watching the movie "42" about Jackie Robinson and making some mental comparisons between it and "The Butler," reading a new book by Dee Henderson (which now has me thoroughly engrossed), sleeping (I actually go about THREE hours, which is an accomplishment for me!), and stretching my mind with a little Sudoku.

Before resting, dinner was served on the plane, and I was pleasantly surprised by a tasty meal of curried chickpeas, rice, and broccoli, a salad, and a whole grain roll. A satisfied tummy, coupled with some new, super-human ear plugs, wins an award for helping me get more sleep than expected.

Lights out!

Favorites: thought-provoking movie, quality ear plugs, yummy plane food

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