Sunday, July 22, 2018

It's all about perspective

Has anyone ever asked you: What is the one thing you would choose to eat if you had to eat it every day for the rest of your life? What's your answer?

In the past, I've probably joked about how I could eat half a loaf of bread at a time (no, seriously...I used to do that) or a mountain of cinnamon oatmeal with almond butter. 

In response to this question, some people might name a dessert like fudge chocolate cake or a decadent treat like truffle mac & cheese. For others, it's a bag of potato chips or a sleeve of Girl Scout cookies.

These days, I'm not eating the things I would have listed years, even months, ago. I don't have that luxury if I want to feel well. But to be honest, I'm really enjoying what I can eat. There is freedom within the constrains of the ImmunoCalm protocol.

Isn't that true with life? For example, God provided the Ten Commandments and other laws to protect us - to not only remind us that we are imperfect and desperately need Him, but also to show us how fulfilling life can be within the context of the standards He has set for us. When we know what to stay away from because it will hurt us, it gives us freedom to enjoy His creation and live our lives to the full.

I realize more and more how fulfilling (and filling) it can be to eat whole, fresh foods. For example, it takes a little time to cut up a zucchini, but choosing a variety of techniques really helps. Here are three different takes on zucchini, spices, and a protein:

Steamed spiralized zucchini with steamed cod, sprinkled with turmeric

Coined zucchini roasted in coconut oil and sprinkled with turmeric,
surrounding ground, grassfed beef

Elongated, coined zucchini baked in a convection oven in coconut oil with
basil and turmeric, surrounding ground lamb and basil meatballs

When faced with my current diet limitations, I find it's more exciting and delicious to change things up. This is *big* coming from someone who is such a creature of habit like myself. I typically thrive off routine and consistency. However, I think I would be much less successful on this protocol if I did the same thing for each meal in the rotation.

I'm learning so much from this experience! Feel free to comment if you have other ideas for how to prepare zucchini - I'd love to try something new.

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