Wednesday, July 11, 2018

When you can't eat breakfast

If 10 people were sitting in a diner ordering breakfast, I bet half of them would choose sweet and half would choose savory. Fruity oatmeal, nutty pancakes with maple syrup, a breakfast hash, or scrambled eggs with bacon. Or maybe something a little lighter like a hard-boiled egg and some tomato slices or even a small jar of overnight oats.

So what's a girl to do when she can't eat oatmeal, wheat (any gluten), potatoes, eggs, dairy or even almond milk?

This ImmunoCalm elimination diet approach has required much creativity when it comes to breakfast, and I simply do not have the options available to me to make a "normal" breakfast.

BUT, instead of getting frustrated, I chose to get cooking. Here are a few of my favorite breakfasts on rotation right now.

Turmeric coconut wrap from Thrive Market filled with sauteed peas
red kidney beans, sprinkled with Redmond's real salt
These turmeric coconut wraps are a special treat (read: expensive), but they help liven up breakfast into something more than just a pile of sauteed veggies. There's nothing wrong with sauteed veggies - it's what I'm surviving on! - but when you have them three times a day, a yellow wrap makes you feel fancy.

Steamed spinach along with boiled carrots and celery leftovers from
making homemade bone broth (the texture and rich taste was amazing),
topped with wild pink salmon from Costco.
Homemade bone broth was a major win in my book, especially with these delicious leftover carrots and celery sticks. I'll be adding more to my next batch!

Grass fed beef patty atop green beans sauteed in coconut oil
Many days, breakfast is green and brown (green beans or green peas or spinach topped with ground beef or ground lamb, or sometimes the occasional white fish like cod or tilapia).

Brussels sprouts sauteed in olive oil with a side of tilapia,
sprinkled with lemon juice and Redmond's real salt
This picture shows two ingredients I am now questioning. I think I may be sensitive to brussels sprouts or at least to this many of them at once. I've taken them out of my diet and may try adding back in a small portion in a little while, but for now I'm enjoying not having tummy pain.

Tilapia. So...I've been informed tilapia is not really a fish. That statement in general made me skeptical; however, there is concern about tilapia from China and what they feed on. I'm still researching but for now, I'll lay off the tilapia and focus on cod (found a great deal at Sprouts recently) and wild salmon.

To wrap it up, I'm learning not to put meals in a proverbial box. Breakfast doesn't have to be sweet or savory or "normal" - it can be leftovers, something fresh, a salad, a meat patty...whatever fuels you for the start of your day!

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